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Deadlift 155Kg/340lbs
Squat 130Kg/285lbs
Bench 80Kg/175lbs (I know)

Training was pretty good today (just shy of awesome)

Well I crushed squats, had no idea what I was afraid of, 112.5Kg felt super light (I’ve squatted heavier for reps before so yeah) and I finally juuuuust about broke through my bench plateau

Warm up - (1x5 for 62.5Kg, 72.5Kg, 82.5Kg, 92.5Kg and 102.5Kg)
3x5 112.5Kg - Blasted through the first set, second was pretty good had a super tight back and somewhat blasted through the 3rd set, I was playing around and seeing the difference between engaged lats and relaxed lats. ALWAYS ENGAGE LATS! One of the reps might as well have been a good morning, my poor hips.

Warm up - Can’t remember but pretty standard stuff
5x5 72.5Kg - first 3 sets were awesome, tight back and rock solid balance, last rep of the 4th set took about 10 seconds to get up, a serious grinder but those are my favourite reps tbh. Missed my 5th rep on the 5th set but determined not to stall again I reracked the bar, took 30 seconds rest and managed it with relative ease, I’M COUNTING THAT AS NO REPS MISSED!

Warm up - shitty, every single bar and plate in the gym was being used so I had to do dumbbell rows and then start my pendlay rows at 45Kg, pretty sure that lead me to fail.

5x5 55Kg - Had to drop the weight to get this, not sure if rear delts are still fried from face pulls of if my lats were just weak (pretty sure it’s the latter actually) but I just could not manage a full ROM with 62.5Kg.

Incline bench
1x4 52.5Kg
2x3 60Kg
6x2 70Kg - Not sure why I ended up going heavy but I felt like it, these doubles were awesome, I fucking love incline bench.

Pull ups/Seated row
10 - Fucking lol. Today was weak as fuck lats day. I did 3 of them with excruciatingly slow negatives (~20-30secs) so that was something but it was all I could muster.
2x10 35Kg - These were the only time my lats played ball today, quite a nice burn by the end of them.

Barbell rollouts
2x10 - Fried my core doing slow pull ups so couldn’t manage a 3rd set, well I probably could have but my abs were ready to give out and I like having a healthy lower back soooo.

So yeah shitty pulls today but squats are coming along nicely after a minor blip and bench is finally moving forward.

This has been long af but it’s mainly for me to look back on so I can see what works/doesn’t work so sorry not sorry.

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    Carbs & caffeine are life. SO MUCH ENERGY!

    Fuck having a shitty day I am going to destroy bench today, fucking attack it with everything I’ve got!

    Also I’m not doing high rep squats because that’s just me being nervous about being under the bar after I’ve failed, I’m gonna reattempt the last weight and crush it.


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            Can’t be bothered to wash out my protein shaker so I’m putting the powder straight into my mouth and mixing it with water in my mouth.

            Critical laziness has been reached.

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              who is this?

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                Ok just realised minimum wage in the uk is $8.96. We’re not much better off. Especially in London where rent is ridiculously high.

                Yep it’s sucky, even if you live at home :(.

                Seriously fuck the minimum wage, if a business can’t pay the living wage then it has failed to pay it’s basic operating expenses.

                I will always pay the living wage because tbh that’s the only minumum wage there should be.

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                  How you gonna suck up to the boss over 5 minutes? Fuck you and your annoying ass face.

                  I legit thought You were talking about doggies & I was like but all doggies are great. They’re so gosh darn cute

                  Yeah this post makes a lot more sense with the tags. But yes doggies are great, ALL doggies!

                  0ddjobs said: For a moment I was like “was the porn set really that bad today?”

                  I wish!

                    Feeling shitty. Also forgot to take creatine twice in a row so thinking I should just order pizza today and carb the fuck up for my lifts later. Fuck having a beach body, weak bench/rows are pissing me off and yes I know creatine works via saturation so two days shouldn’t make a difference but I definitely feel weaker if I miss a dose and I’m pretty sure it’s not placebo because I usually don’t even think about it until I get home.


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                            I hate and love her at the same time. Such a badass but such a smart/shitty way to fight (sniping).

                            I hate and love her at the same time. Such a badass but such a smart/shitty way to fight (sniping).

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                              So are these animals and thugs? 

                              Or, misguided young boys who are going through a stage?

                              this looting reminds me of the London Riots in 2011. the people looting we’re predominantly white, but only black people were shamed about it on national television. hmm.

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